AWS Cloud Practitioner Job Description Salary Trends and Skills Required

A cloud software engineer designs and implements new systems and software services in a high-level programming language like C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc. Additionally, they have the tendency to mentor their new junior employees and explain complex processes to non-technical members of the team. So, they can nearly earn somewhere between $63,000 and $93,000 per year. AWS provides a wide range of job prospects, depending on the function or service. One may, for example, work as an AWS cloud practitioner, management, architect, or programmer. They might also specialize in AWS data storage, machine learning , and AWS streaming media.

  • Learning how to use cloud computing is becoming increasingly important as cloud computing continues to make waves in the technology industry.
  • Therefore, part of their responsibility is to make sure that the technology choices made by developers are closely related to corporate goals.
  • It provides hiring managers greater trust in your abilities, increasing your work chances.
  • You must take this certification for demonstrating your skills in implementing, designing, and maintaining the machine learning solutions of the organization.
  • According to a recent wage study, the average AWS Salary reaches $117,773 annually.
  • Giving them the freedom to do so will help you find more valuable candidates.

Though it’s essential to be able to work well within a team, employers also desire employees who are self-motivated. Earning certifications, writing a blog, creating your own projects, and providing examples of how you achieved goals through your own initiative all show self-motivation . Unfortunately, employers often post job descriptions with vast skill requirements that it would realistically take a whole team to fulfill. Try and work out the core focus of the advertised job and ensure your skills align. Membership – For unlimited access to our cloud training catalog, enroll in our monthly or annual membership program.

Average Salary of Entry-Level AWS Cloud Practitioner

A cloud architect is in charge of translating the technical elements into the design and architecture to drive the final result. According to PayScale, the average pay for this AWS practitioner job in the U.S. is $160,000 per year. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the most basic AWS certification, designed to validate foundational cloud knowledge and skills. It is an entry-level certification that provides a solid foundation for more advanced AWS certifications. Cloud practitioners who can explain the value of the AWS Cloud are specially trained and prepared.

how much do aws cloud practitioners make

An operational support engineer’s duties include tracking down and addressing support issues. They also assist with numerous additional tasks, including system and environment updates. And manage workloads on AWS and be aware of the latest trends and best practices of working with the AWS platform. It’s not a rare occasion for such specialists to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as it lays a solid foundation for enriching their competence.

What is AWS Pinpoint?

Our AWS Cloud Practitioner certification training is an online instructor-led course curated by industry experts from top organizations in the world. Candidates will be assessed on a range of subjects during the exam, including the essential AWS services and the benefits of the cloud. The cloud architect position is also pretty lucrative with an average salary of $139,777. ExitCertified will hold the Cloud + Skills Summit May 2–4 from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. This three-day virtual event is designed for IT and Learning & Development professionals to discover the latest cloud technology trends and understand the importance of continuous learning. In the relatively short time since the AWS certification program launched in 2013, salaries for professionals with AWS certifications have grown to rank among the highest for IT certification holders.

how much do aws cloud practitioners make

The practitioner must comprehend AWS design principles, industry standards, and best practices for architecture. They must develop and put into practice solutions based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework and industry best practices. The average annual salary for an AWS practitioner aws cloud practitioner salary in India is Rs. 12,97,000, according to PayScale. Below are the estimated annual incomes of several AWS certificate holders in India. Tonic Health is a product tech company from the US that ventured to enter the Ukrainian labor market to build a team of developers.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification T …

We don’t recommend basing your whole job offer on this one fact about the potential candidate. The course they finished will definitely be helpful, yet they have to bring much more to the table to become a valuable employee. Don’t worry, in this post, you will also learn what additional requirements can be used in the job description. From these courses, you can learn concepts and ideas that can aid other applicants in understanding the coursebook’s content more quickly. These communities can help you locate individuals who have already passed the exam and have their collection of best practices.

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