Solution Architecture an overview

Without them, there is likely to be more error at the end of the developing process or when the software has already been implemented. For a business, this means a lot of money and time went down the drain. Career Karma, DevOps is a combination of two teams—the development team and the operations team. This means having the ability to combine both areas to create products or formulate solutions more efficiently and quicker. Technical architect.Atechnical architectis mainly in charge of engineering problems and software architecture. A solution architectis the person in charge of leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution.

  • ●Hardware infrastructure will be running on a commodity platform based on multicore processors and up to 96GB RAM.
  • A solutions architect normally works within a company’s business unit.
  • One crucial thing that we also want to mention related to the IT solution architect is their certifications which are needed to validate their skills and qualifications.
  • The responsibilities of a solutions architect involve understanding potentially complex problems and finding all the possible solutions – accurately defining the issue and the requirement.
  • This person works closely with top-level executives and decision-makers as he or she demonstrates to them the business value of suggested technical initiatives.

You will always get an opportunity if you’re working for an enterprise as a junior sysadmin to understand a problem, design a solution, and implement said solution. I’ve done that in my career many times with the aim that I’m going to be a Solution Architect or an enterprise architect in the future. On the other hand, starting level solutions architects earn $37.73 per hour and $78,484 per year.

What does a Solution Architect do?

Solution architects may work on multiple projects at the same time, which requires effective time management and prioritization skills. They may also be responsible for managing project budgets, timelines, and resources, ensuring that the solutions they design are delivered on time and within budget. Solutions architects will use various tools to develop their solutions and design IT infrastructure. The LeanIX EAM is one tool used by solutions architects to help with application modernization and cloud migration. A solutions architect works with an organization to understand their problems and provide various solutions to change or improve architecture to alleviate the issue. They play a central role in an organization’s efforts to introduce and successfully implement new technology solutions.

solutions architect definition

Solutions architects must exercise general control of the solution development starting from establishing the collaboration framework to fixing technical issues that arise. It would be strange indeed if the sphere that generated the very profession wouldn’t make extensive use of solution architect deliverables. Here, these specialists make sure the product and the development personnel are on the same page as to the effective implementation and subsequent functioning of a new software solution. You can start learning the basics of Kubernetes, but hey, you cannot learn the basics of Kubernetes without learning Linux basics because Kubernetes is actually Linux. If you want to be a Solution Architect, you need to have at least a basic understanding of Linux skills.

Project and resource management skills

To become a successful solutions architect, you will need a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree in IT, computer science, software engineering, or equivalent. There are also several certificates recommended solutions architect vs product manager solution architects achieve before applying for the position. There is no set career path to becoming an SA, but most come from a background in architecture, project management, or software development.

solutions architect definition

However, SA is not directly in charge of the execution process but makes sure that technical architects can successfully implement new IT solutions that are in line with all business requirements. While enterprise architecture focuses on strategy, solution architecture focuses on detailed planning. Solution architecture itself encompasses business, system, information, security, application and technology architecture. Some examples of solutions architecture include developing cloud infrastructure for efficiency, implementing microservices for ecommerce, or adopting security measures for data, systems, and networks. While the scope of the job can vary depending on a business’ specific needs, there are certain responsibilities, skills, and qualifications that solutions architects will need to meet to get the job.

How to become a solutions architect

A good Solution Architect must have excellent analytical skills to understand the needs of an organization and find solutions to help move the organization forward. They also must have good communication skills as they work with the organization’s leadership and IT professionals throughout a project. To join our team and implement systems architecture to help solve our organization’s network problems. Document client-user stories and technical constraints/requirements. At least five years of hands-on experience in software development or related fields. We offer a wide range of services starting from software, mobile, and web app development to outstaffing and IT consulting services.

While it is a challenging role, it is also a role born out of an experience, which helps bear the burden of the entire solution deployment. Solution Architects should possess a combination of skills in order to help design, build and lead the execution of a solution with precision and effectiveness. In the following section of this article, we are going to dissect the skills anatomy of a formidable Solution Architect. These experts should understand the brass tacks of the company’s workflow and target audience it works with as well as current market trends in the niche.

Enterprise Architect Vs. Technical Architect Vs. Solutions Architect

A good solution architect can step in and act as a product architect in a digital products organization. Once the architecture is established, the cloud architect’s job is to maintain the architecture and monitor its performance according to business objectives. Cloud architects may also be involved in the legal areas of cloud computing and may negotiate contracts and work with legal and procurement departments. One of the most valuable aspects of having specialists co-located together in a medical center is that they are better able to collaborate. Rule number one is that EA is not a GP practice, as that would rapidly lead to architectural malpractice.

A Solutions Architect is like water — you’ve got to mold yourself and your skillset into whatever situation you’re presented with. If you enjoy good conversation and know how to talk to people, and tailor the conversation to their specific needs, cool. If you understand operating systems, programming, networking, and the latest and greatest in technology, even better. If you’re authentic and strive to act as an advocate for the change your customer is wanting to achieve, that’s a nice touch, too. This translates to fewer errors while developing a business solution.

Solution architect skillset and background

Regularly review solution increments – The most convincing evidence of successful architecture is the functionality of the solution it enables. To this end, the Solution Architect regularly participates in System and Solution Demos and ensures that the architectural enablers achieve their purpose. SAFe recommends that a fully integrated solution increment is produced multiple times in the PI . Define architectural enablers and runway – To support the Solution Train’s business priorities, the System Architect defines the Architectural Runway, comprised of enabler capabilities. It’s a rolling-wave process that creates reasonable certainty, clarity, and detail for near-term needs while supporting flexibility for the future. Solution Architects typically work with a team of IT Technicians to develop software and hardware solutions for problems within an organization.

solutions architect definition

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